July 2023

Chromebook CB314 – “Network not available error”

Issue Description: Upon turning on a brand new Acer Chromebook and completing the initial setup, the user successfully connected to Wi-Fi and accepted the Chrome OS Terms. However, they encountered an error message stating “Network not available.” Despite being connected to either Wi-Fi or Ethernet, they were unable to proceed past this screen or return […]

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Error “30015-11 (3221225506)” when installing Office

When attempting to reinstall Microsoft Office, Error “30015-11 (3221225506)” – an error message appeared when the installation progress reached 94%. Error Code: 30015-11 (3221225506) – Error Code: 30015-11 (3221225506)Troubleshooting steps This error occurs due to the Office installer not having permission to write to the system registry due to lack of permissions. To repair registry permissions,

Error “30015-11 (3221225506)” when installing Office Read More »

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