High amount of electrical noise, an unstable voltage

Performance issues like poor transfer rate

In this kind of powerline environment, PLC products may encounter performance issues like poor transfer rate or, intermittent devices.

Powerline manufacturer TP-Link recommends plugging devices with electromotors into surge protectors to reduce interference. You can also create a makeshift noise filter of your own by attaching other devices to a long extension lead that’s six feet long or more.

It is recommended to connect devices with electromotors to surge protectors to minimize interference. Alternatively, you can create a DIY noise filter by connecting other devices to an extended power strip that is six feet or longer.


Heat-related problems can disrupt the performance of your computers, projectors, and other devices. Contact us promptly for device cleanup services.

One story from one of our clients. The projector tends to power off spontaneously, and the remote control is unable to activate the projector’s green light when the temperature is elevated. I suspect this is indicative of a heating problem, a notion supported by the lamp replacement two years ago.  As a temporary solution to the heat issue, we’ve found that shutting down the projector for a few minutes allows it to cool down, restoring it to its normal functioning state.

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