Secure, connected, and automated home environment

How can we develop a system designed for seniors, particularly those living alone.

Total solution

This solution integrates data backup and sharing, home automation, remote IT assistance, and cybersecurity to provide robust protection and seamless communication with their families.

Key features include:

Photo Sharing: Simplified sharing of precious moments with family.
Automatic Backup: Seamless backups from iPhone or Android devices to safeguard data.
VPN Server: Secure and private internet connections.
Pi-hole Malware Scanning: Advanced malware protection to ensure a safe browsing experience.
Vaultwarden BitWarden: Password Manager
Remote IT Assistance: Convenient technical support without the need for in-person visits.
HeadScale and Tailscale: Remote access
Home Automation: Control over smart home devices to enhance safety and convenience.
This system aims to enhance the quality of life for seniors by providing a secure, connected, and automated home environment.

After 10 days of testing the QNAP TS-264-8G and its apps, I am impressed by both the hardware design and software integration. We remain vigilant about cybersecurity issues, which QNAP has been actively addressing and targeting,  and the QNAP embraced  Dual-Core 2.5GbE Multimedia NAS with M.2 PCIe slots and PCIe expandability this is a good point particuliar we have fiber optic internet nowadays. Additionally,  I would encourage the industry to enhance the design of their products and consider offering more color options than just black. Personally, I prefer the appearance of QNAP over Synology. I would appreciate any feedback you may have. Below are several points why I choose the QNAP.

  1. QNAP vs DIY NAS
  2. Hardware cost effective, convientent and expandability
  3. Apps ecosystem, container station and virtualization


Features of QNAP

Using QuMagie – Use QuMagie to Overcome Difficulties in Managing Photos Scattered across Multiple Folders

Using the App – Qfile

The app gives you all kinds of file access on the NAS.  Besides this, you can enable the option: “Auto upload photos from the photo gallery”.  Once this option is enabled, every time you take photos, Qfile will automatically backup the photo you took to your QNAP NAS. Auto upload photos from the photo gallery”.  Once this option is enabled, every time you take photos, Qfile will automatically backup the photo you took to your QNAP NAS.

It also supports backing up the data on mobile device, whether it’s an Android phone or iPhone.  You have total control of your data.  It provides security and privacy for your data.  The most important part is that all the apps that QNAP offers, such as Qfile, Qmanager, Qsirch, and others.

Backup & data protection solutions

Discover an array of apps and utilities for total backup planning, including:

Boxafe – Google Workspace /Microsoft 365 SaaS backup
Hyper Data Protector – Windows PC/server, VMware vSphere/Microsoft Hyper-V VM backup
Hybrid Backup Sync – QNAP NAS/file server/macOS backup
NetBak PC Agent – Windows PC/server backup utility
Multi-Application Recovery Service (MARS) – Google Photos/WordPress backup
Qfile Pro – Mobile photos/video backup
Snapshot – QNAP NAS protection/backup
QVPN – QVPN Service streamlines both server and client configurations for VPN to make it accessible for everyone.

QNAP NAS is not only a solid storage; it is also equipped with some value-added functionality, including VPN. You can just go to App Center in QTS and install QVPN Service for free to turn your NAS into a VPN server.

Building a Multi-layered Cybersecurity Defense System  QNAP offers a complete solution that includes connection protection, threat trap, permission protection, transmission protection, security assessment, and disaster recovery.

Built-in system Install software package
Connection protection ·        myQNAPcloud Link ·        QuFirewall

·        QVPN

·        QuWAN

Threat Trap ·        Malware Remover ·        ADRA NDR
Permission protection ·        Delegated administration

·        AD/LDAP

·        Two-factor authentication

Transmission protection ·        SMB encrypted transmission

·        Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)

Security assessment ·        Security Center

·        Notification Center

·        ADRA NDR
Disaster recovery ·        Security Center

·        Malware Remover

·        SnapShot

·        SnapSync

·        Hybrid Backup Sync

·        ADRA NDR

Synology Security Issue and How-to Harden your NAS

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