NO User profile – Mass Enable Customer Portal Users – Mass create “User” records

Currently the only way to enable customer portal users is to click the [Enable Customer Portal User] button on each individual contact. 

To do this for all Contacts with an Account or for a large number of Contacts is extremely time-consuming.

The App should offer a way to “Mass Enable” Customer Portal users either through a button on the Contacts Related list or on a Contacts View that will enable Customer Portal Access for all selected Contacts. A page could be displayed where the common settings for the contacts can be set: License Type, Profile, etc.

Mass Enable Customer Portal Users | IdeaExchange (

Solution : Use the Data loader to Mass create “User” records.  Add them to the correct UserType(CspLitePortal )Profile and link them to the correct Contact id : ContactID : 003Au00000JOoCaIAL

Account id : 001Au00000HysgZIAR

User ID : 0050A000001senzQAA

and Salesforce will do the rest.




Here’s an overview of special requirements when inserting (creating) Users via the Data Loader
Import Customer Portal Users

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